Ausgewählte Kapitel der Audiodatenreduktion (AKADR) / Advanced Topics in Perceptual Audio Coding


Based on related classes (esp. "Speech and Audio Processing"), this lecture aims at deepening the understanding of modern algorithms for perceptual source coding of audio. It includes an overview of the most relevant standardized coders, starting with MPEG-1 (incl. “mp3”) all the way to the most recent codecs for coding of surround sound and 3D audio. The significant algorithms are discussed and new approaches are described. The selected topics include:

  • Scalable audio coding
  • Efficient coding of several audio channels / parametric multi- channel coding
  • Typical coding artifacts; subjective and objective quality assessment
  • Bandwidth extension
  • Semi-parametric audio coding
  • Low-delay audio coding

The lecture includes a number of demonstrations and audio examples to illustrate the discussed algorithms.

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